Fabric Styles

The right fabric can enhance the style and ambience of your office. Please see below a selection of fabric choices we offer.

Please call for details or to request a sample.

  • Dusk AD007

    Dusk AD007

  • Crystal AD006

    Crystal AD006

  • Cranberry AD005

    Cranberry AD005

  • Cobalt AD004

    Cobalt AD004

  • Aqua AD002

    Aqua AD002

  • Adriatic AD001

    Adriatic AD001

  • Mineral AD010

    Mineral AD010

  • Granite AD009

    Granite AD009

  • Nightshade AD011

    Nightshade AD011

  • Red AD014

    Red AD014

  • Rosevale AD015

    Rosevale AD015

  • Sandvale AD016

    Sandvale AD016

  • Sea Blue AD017

    Sea Blue AD017

  • Wine AD020

    Wine AD020

  • Delta Blue AD026

    Delta Blue AD026

  • Turquoise AD027

    Turquoise AD027

  • Charcoal AD028

    Charcoal AD028

  • Grape AD029

    Grape AD029

  • Leaf AD030

    Leaf AD030

  • Aquarius AD031

    Aquarius AD031

  • Black AD055

    Black AD055

  • Azure AD057

    Azure AD057

  • Graphite AD066

    Graphite AD066

  • Pewter AD072

    Pewter AD072

  • Damson AD093

    Damson AD093

  • Bouquet AD096

    Bouquet AD096

  • Lakeside AD097

    Lakeside AD097

  • Tawny AD098

    Tawny AD098

  • Persian AD101

    Persian AD101

  • Cinnamon AD111

    Cinnamon AD111

  • Largo AD112

    Largo AD112

  • Aztec AD113

    Aztec AD113

  • Beetroot AD116

    Beetroot AD116

  • Oasis AD117

    Oasis AD117

  • Purple AD118

    Purple AD118

  • Fox AD119

    Fox AD119

  • Teal AD120

    Teal AD120

  • Shamrock AD121

    Shamrock AD121

  • Kingfisher AD122

    Kingfisher AD122

  • Riviera AD123

    Riviera AD123

  • Trident AD124

    Trident AD124

  • Fjord AD125

    Fjord AD125

  • Clipper AD126

    Clipper AD126

  • Raspberry AD127

    Raspberry AD127

  • Peat AD131

    Peat AD131

  • Hare AD210

    Hare AD210

  • Bugle AD211

    Bugle AD211

  • Hobbit AD213

    Hobbit AD213

  • Trent AD214

    Trent AD214

  • Curacao YP005

    Curacao YP005

  • Havana YP009

    Havana YP009

  • Monserrat YP011

    Monserrat YP011

  • Arawak YP016

    Arawak YP016

  • Paseo YP019

    Paseo YP019

  • Bluefield YP021

    Bluefield YP021

  • Cayman YP024

    Cayman YP024

  • Costa YP026

    Costa YP026

  • Jamaica YP027

    Jamaica YP027

  • Tobago YP030

    Tobago YP030

  • Taboo YP045

    Taboo YP045

  • Sombrero YP046

    Sombrero YP046

  • Windjammer YP047

    Windjammer YP047

  • Guyana YP051

    Guyana YP051

  • Lobster YP076

    Lobster YP076

  • Blizzard YP081

    Blizzard YP081

  • Scuba YP082

    Scuba YP082

  • Tarot YP084

    Tarot YP084

  • Bluebell YP097

    Bluebell YP097

  • Ocean YP100

    Ocean YP100

  • Calypso YP106

    Calypso YP106

  • Sandstorm YP107

    Sandstorm YP107

  • Apple YP108

    Apple YP108

  • Parasol YP109

    Parasol YP109

  • Solano YP110

    Solano YP110

  • Nougat YP111

    Nougat YP111

  • Campeche YP112

    Campeche YP112

  • Olympic YP113

    Olympic YP113

  • Rainforest YP114

    Rainforest YP114

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Fabric Styles

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